Coronavirus Notice 17.03.20

To all our students, families and friends,
Following on from yesterday’s Government announcement and with a duty of care to everyone connected to our school, it is with the heaviest of hearts that we have made the decision to close and postpone all lessons and band sessions at the The Music Shed for a minimum of two weeks.
This is a precautionary measure designed to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. We hope that this measure will alleviate any potential harm this virus may do and also, we hope that we all get through this difficult time with good health and the minimum of disruption to all connected with our school. Either Dave or Dawn will contact you personally over the next few days to discuss the closure and options where possible for your learning should you wish to continue.
We look forward to seeing all our lovely families in the near future and will let you know when we will be re-opening.
Take care and in the meantime, a message to all of our students from both of us:
You have been learning a skill that gives joy and light to many people, please use your talent to spread that joy to others, sing a song down the phone to your elderly relative/neighbour who is in isolation, pick up your guitar and play for your family, record a song on your piano and upload it for people to see. Share your gift with others. We are living in uncertain times but you have a wonderful thing you can generously give to people that will lift their spirits. Use it. Please share your stories and videos with us, we want to stay connected with you all and the outside world as a school and we want to continue to use our social media platform to bring light to people during a difficult time. Please keep the spirit of community alive and well as it has been at our school for two and a half years! We have built something very special together, lets use it to shine a light! We will get through this time and “We Will Rock You” again!
Stay health and safe and we are here if you have any questions at all.
Thank you all.
Dave and Dawn



Monday 12pm-8.30pm

Tuesday 4pm-8.30pm

Wednesday 3.30pm-8.30pm

Thursday 4pm-8.30pm

Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm




Wellington Road

Upper Floor of Eccles Congregational Church

Eccles, Manchester

M30 9AL

Call: Dave Luvin 07903263750 or Dawn Luvin 07534946643


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